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收  WithUs Consulting Korea is your business partner with whom you can truly work together.

收  WithUs Consulting Korea is a reliable lifelong career designer.

收  WithUs Consulting Korea will create the best value in your business and career.

收  WithUs Consulting Korea will exercise the best strategy and behavior in order for customer
      companies to create good economic results

Expanded and Moved the office to Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Strengthened businesses around New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
Constructed headhunting business relationship with over 200 domestic and overseas companies and more than 300,000 DBs related to candidates
Strengthened headhunting-related businesses in the research field
Began to construct a career diagnosis consulting program
Prepared to begin to a business related to Relocating, Convention
Expanded and moved the office to Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
Established a strategic business cooperative relationship with DBM Korea
Strengthened headhunting-related business in the financial field (banks, insurance, securities, etc.)
Applied the partial concept of CS concretely on the business field of WithUs Consulting Korea
Sought mutual association between total business services and total customer satisfaction services
Prepared to begin to implement career diagnosis consulting
Established the branch office in New York, U.S.
Established strategic business cooperative relationship with the Artificial Intelligence Center, Dept. of Business Administration, Sung Kyun Kwan University; Joins e-Biz.com; the Korea Management Association (management consulting field); and Dream Tech
Constructed headhunting business relationship with over 70 domestic and Constructed liaison offices in Japan and China
Attempted to attach management consulting to non-profit organizations
Strengthened management consulting for organization diagnosis, personnel, organization design, and internal communication and business culture construction
Established WithUs Consulting Korea at Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Diversified headhunting-related businesses centering on management consulting, IT, manufacturing
Strengthened businesses related to management consulting centering domestic and overseas small and medium-sized enterprises and venture businesses
Cultivated companies related to business establishment by implementing business establishment consulting and many other kinds of management consulting
Introduced the concept of lifelong career management to headhunting-related businesses
l Through the business establishment preparation course since the second half of 1999, five key members established WithUs Consulting Korea in March 2000 (Began to implement businesses related to headhunting, management consulting, and business establishment consulting).