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Management Consultant in Samil C&L (Currently Samil PWC), worked in UK TI Group, Korea Chemical Engineering, etc.

Principle businesses: Headhunting, career diagnosis consulting, business establishment consulting, business strategy establishment, marketing and sales strategy, productivity improvement and manufacturing competitiveness reinforcement, organization diagnosis and redesign, internal communication activation, business culture construction consulting, and advice on personnel and recruitment standards for a company

Graduated from Pusan National University (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
Completed short-term MBA course, Bowling Green State University MBA (SCM), in UK
Completed AICPA educational course, the Boot Camp for the Oracle Application package
Dale Carnegie Leadership Course, worked as an Assistant Instructor in Dale Carnegie
Participated in a workshop for applying TQM to the service industry, etc.


Worked as a Chief of the Sales Department, the Planning Team, the Audit Team in Ssangyong Cement Industrial Co., Ltd. a Managing Director of Brilliant Creation Korea and, Jeice Jewelry, a Vice present of Leecho Jewelry.

Principle businesses: Headhunting, career diagnosis consulting, business establishment consulting, management diagnosis, marketing strategy and planning, organization diagnosis and redesign, opening up an overseas market, internal communication activation, business culture construction consulting

Master of International Relations in Korea University Graduate School of International Studies (major in Japanese Studies)
Chinese language course in Beijing language and Culture University, a course for an expert on Japanese/Northeast Asia regions at Ssangyong Group etc


Management Consultant in Samil C&L (Currently Samil PWC), a Chief of the Head Office of the Korea Management Association Consulting and ERP Consulting
A Chief of the Information Planning Department of CTI, LG Industrial System Co., Ltd. and Samil MCS Oracle GL /AP instructor, US Licensed Production Stock Manager (CPIM)

Principle businesses: Headhunting, career diagnosis consulting, MRP system, accounts/cost/logistics/purchase unit cost calculation system construction, materials rationalization, SAP/Oracle ERP and other ERP package construction, Vision- & Mission-related consulting

Graduated from Pusan National University (Dept. of Business Administration)


Worked as a Chief of the Personnel Team and the Purchase Team in Eland, 2001 Outlet, etc.

Principle businesses: Headhunting, career diagnosis consulting, personnel system, job analysis, organization diagnosis and redesign, knowledge management system/evaluation system construction, internal communication activation and business culture construction, management innovation consulting

Graduated from Sung Kyun Kwan University (Master of Business Administration: Personnel System, School of Business)


Worked at the Samsung Economic Research Institute, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the Korea Economic Research Institute, Hwashin Sony, etc.

Principle businesses: Headhunting support, career diagnosis consulting, improvement of the performance management system, business strategy establishment, and job analysis, improvement of business process, business strategy establishment and business validity analysis according to overseas expansion, quality and production control improvement consulting

Master of Industrial Engineering in the Graduate School of Hanyang University & Doctor of Accounting in Sung Kyun Kwan University


Chief of a local self-governing body of SI sales strategy works department, manufacturing 2nd sales team, Public Works Department in Hyundai Information Technology Co., Ltd
Chief of the Ulsan Branch Office of Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and IBM General Sales Team in Hyundai Group

Principle businesses: Headhunting support, consulting in the SI field as a Test Engineer / a System Engineer

Dept. of Physics Education, Teacher¡¯s College, Pusan National University
76th Aviation Cadet (Aeronautical Meteorology Forecast Officer, an Instructor of headquarters in the education department)
Joint auspices with IBM and French Dassault/ CATLA system training course (US), CRM / SCM / automobiles, B2B global network training course (US)


Management Consultant in Samil C&L (Currently Samil PWC), Director of EDS Korea PDM (Product Data Management), General Manager of Samsung Electronics E-CIM Team (Engineering-Computer Integrated Manufacturing)

Principle businesses: Headhunting support, CALS / PDM / ERP / SCM consulting, Concurrent Engineering Training, Manufacturing and IT Management Consulting

Graduated from Seoul National University
Master of Engineering in U.S. Iowa State University and Doctor of Engineering in North Carolina State University


Stock Supervisory Service (Overseas Research, Information Analysis, Public Relations), Head Office of Hyundai Securities Co., Ltd. (Chief of the Audit Office), Chief of Jeonju and Jamsil Branch Offices of Hyundai Securities Co., Ltd., 1% Wisdom That Changed My Life (published by the Dong-A Ilbo in 1998)

Principle businesses: Headhunting support, overseas financial research, information analysis, public relations, research, marketing, and investment analysis, recommendation, and consulting

Graduate from Jungang University (Dept. of Communication)


Worked at Kia Motors Corporation, Hyundai Motor Company, Ssangyong Motor Company, the Branch Office of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. in Bombay, India, and Delphi Korea

Principle businesses: Headhunting Support, Purchase (SCM) and Quality Recommendation and Consulting

Graduated from Jungang University (Dept. of Electric Engineering)
Major in Technical Management, Graduate School of Business, Ajou University


Worked at Korea Electric Power Data Network Co., Ltd.
Worked at TFT for Overseas Business, Sales Support Team, Total Support Team, and Business Team

Principle businesses: Headhunting support, purchase, SCM, IT trade support, overseas business strategy consulting

Graduated from Yonsei University (Dept. of Business Administration, Graduate School of Business)


DIGIWAVE CFO, Managing Director of Daebakju (affiliate of Amko group), Supervisor in Amko group, licensed CPA, etc.

Principle businesses: Headhunting support, audit, venture business analysis, financial/accounting consulting, stock/KOSDAQ registry consulting

Graduated from Dongguk University


Worked at Future System, LG Advanced Institute of Technology, Home TV Internet, etc., Full-time Professor in Dongyang Technical College.
Developed many notes-based applied programs, online multi-language recognizer, Pen Interface, Microsoft Agent for LG TTS (voice synthesis system), etc.

Principle businesses: Headhunting, information-oriented construction, various applied program development consulting

Graduate from KAIST (Department of Computer Science)


Worked as a salesman at the agent of Daesang Corporation in Chuncheon, Managed the agent for some years

Principle businesses: Headhunting, market research in the feed industry, marketing/sales strategy establishment consulting

Master¡¯s Course at the Graduate School of Business in Yonsei University (Major in Communication Industry)


Worked at Heungguk Corporation (Currently SK Global), General Chemical Corporation, etc.
Chemical Engineering Marketing, Sales, Trade.
Participated as an interpreter in technical training of Ausplay Korea corp. in Melbourne, Australia.

Principle businesses: Headhunting, marketing and sales strategy establishment, and overseas market opening consulting

Graduated from Pusan National University (Department of Chemistry)


Took charge of accounting and materials business in Samsung Everland for eight.
Worked at the planning supervisory office and the sales department of Yeongdong Department Store for five years.

Principle businesses: Headhunting support, Leisure/distribution business market research, strategy establishment and materials business consulting

Operated an agent for Tyco Korea Security


Worked at the import business team in a shipping company (Acted as intermediary for many agencies and local corporations in China and Japan).
Participated as an interpreter in the project for Taiwanese Formosa Group of Daewoo Heavy Industry (in 1999).
Supported and participated in establishment of local plants in China by a dry materials firm (Kunshan city, Zhe-jaing province, China).

Principle businesses: Headhunting, career diagnosis consulting, trade, shipping, and logistics advice and consulting

Graduated from Pusan National University (Dept. of Chinese)


Planned and held new product events for Fill-in Korea.
Worked at the SP planning team in LG AD / took charge of overseas sales promotion and co-worked with an overseas branch office for an advertiser LG Electronics.

Principle businesses: Headhunting, career diagnosis consulting, advertisement planning, event business advice and consulting

General planning of Art Portal website of GANA Art, worked as a chief of operation and e-commerce team.
Chief of e-biz in an Internal portal firm, Hosanna Net.
Microsoft Certified professional.
National Certified seller.

Principle businesses: Headhunting, Internet business advice and consulting

Completed the Air Travel Training Center Course (for six months), which is an Aeronautic Practical Training Institution.
Export Consulting for European Buyer at the Trade Department in OZ Commerce (Construction Heavy Equipment Exporter).

Principle businesses: Headhunting, opening an overseas market, trade advice and consulting